Abram Lake, Ontario - Mieke Van Geest

Like so many people, I am strongly drawn to water. So it was a gift to be able to live right on a lake in Northwestern Ontario for 9 years. To be able to sit on our dock observing and feeling the open space of water, to jump into a kayak or canoe and move across it, or to dive into the water on a moment's whim, either on the first day that you dared after the ice went out! or on a hot day for instant coolness. There are, of course, so many memories resulting from such immediate access.

One of the most memorable, was a summer night when I looked out our front window, over the lake, and saw that a full moon had risen and its light reflected across the water--perfectly in line with the end of our dock. If that wasn't an invitation to dive in, I don't know what more one would need. I dropped whatever I was doing, ran down to the dock, left my clothes in a heap, and dove into the pathway of golden moonlight. I have always been very relaxed in the water, but this evening I felt especially buoyant, held up by the beauty and energy of the reflected light on the water.

Chloe Cross
Mieke Van Geest

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