Lake Ontario, Ontario - Anne Wilford

I have always loved walking by water especially by large bodies. I love the smell of salt in the air by the ocean but, as I think about it, I realize the strongest emotional connection comes from my memories of walking along Lake Ontario in Oakville - first with my dog Nikki and then joined by all three of my children.

We (myself and my three kids) were lucky enough to live close to the shore, and having a dog I went for a walk every day in all weather when I lived there, between 1983 - 1997. On sunny summer days we could see the CN tower and the city of Toronto across the water and admired the boats from the yacht club out racing. I preferred it on windier day's though, when there were fewer people and you could really feel the power of the water. I remember walking along the shore into the wind with Nikki and looking out at the waves and being in awe. My family and I always enjoyed walking to the end of the pier at the Oakville Harbour. Of course, we didn't do it in rough weather, but we all stood on the shore watching the waves crash right over the walkway. I really loved everything about living by the lake, even hearing the foghorns from the house as they rang out over the water (although our neighbours found them a nuisance).

Amy Wilford
Anne Wilford

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