Georgian Bay, Ontario - Aleena Virk

My name is Aleena, I live in Maple, which is a town that is part of Vaughan, Ontario. I go to Seneca College. My goal is to become a nurse and help other people. My watermark is an everlasting memory I have with this body of water. Two years ago, I went to Wasaga beach on Georgian Bay with my family and all my cousins. Even though I didn’t know how to swim I still went into the water with my cousin. This beach was the most beautiful and relaxing beach I’ve ever been to in my life. Since there were not many people and a lot of open space it made the entire experience much more fun. My cousin and I did not know how to swim and we were just floating and trying to walk in the water. It was really fun while we were splashing water on each other and playing with the water guns which I had bought from a nearby dollar store at the last moment just to entertain the beach experience. We were singing and laughing in the water while going deeper and deeper, to the point where we were still standing in the water with the water almost touching our chins. Both of us were so indulged in ourselves that we left our other cousins far back, then we started walking back when I felt something rough touch my leg, my cousin started screaming “shark shark”. I suddenly started screaming as well because I thought she saw a shark. Without even trying to see if it was actually a shark I started panicking and tried to move away quickly. Then my cousin began laughing and I realized she was just kidding, after all it was a good prank. But I wondered, if it wasn’t a shark that I felt on my leg than what was it? Then she hit me with the water gun we were playing with and I realized that, that was the “shark” that had hit me. Now I’m definitely scared of sharks, but I will cherish the moments I got to spend with my cousin in the water.

Shamaila Bajwah
Aleena Virk

Beach , Family , Shark

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