Big Basswood Lake, Ontario - Sally Cole Misch

My name is Sally Cole Misch and my waterbody is Big Basswood Lake in northern Ontario. I grew up spending my summers there in a log cabin my grandfather built, and it's about a mile from Lake Huron.

So once in awhile we would go down to the lake and see the big waves and try to surf or sail them. But the wonderful thing about Big Basswood Lake is it's 400 feet deep and you can see 80 feet right of our dock.

So for me as a child I spent almost all my time in the Lake even though it was incredibly cold. I had a sense of calm and clarity about it because I could snorkel and see the fish interacting, I actually saw loons diving for fish once.

It’s an example of being at peace and at one with nature. One magical experience I have was diving about 20 feet off some hard rock and finding some very old Mexican coins at the bottom. So lots of amazing memories growing up at the cottage. Until one day mother nature hit our cabin with a huge thunder and lightning storm and caused our cabin to go ablaze.

So my family moved over to Lake Michigan where I now have a relationship with the Lake which has a totally different personality and body. But no matter if it's in the water or out of it I still have that clarity to experience life on top or under the water.

I remember when my grandfather was alive we would sail Big Basswood Lake together and I never felt overwhelmed until I started sailing the big waves of Lake Michigan and understood that water has no master.

Claire Lawson
Sally Cole Misch

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