Kingston Waterfront, Ontario - Adam DeRocco

My most powerful memory of the Kingston Waterfront was the time I was spent the day/night at a family friend's house with a spectacular view of Lake Ontario.

Music kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and watching the sun set over the horizon with cold drinks in hand. Days like that remind me how lucky I am to have grown up by the shores of Lake Ontario, in Kingston.

I was born and raised in Kingston. Last summer I went to see Ellen Doyle and the Gypsies at an event in Trenton. It was such a magical night. There are a lot of shores in Ontario, and when I was out there the sun just started to set. So it was such a beautiful concert to be able to see. First off Doyle, their music is just incredible. And the whole night with the shores and sunset going down was—so many great experiences that night.

As a musician and a Kingston citizen, the Pointery is a place that I love going to swim and fish with friends and to also relax and destress.

The Kingston Waterfront is important to me because I have been living in Kingston for all of my life. The lake is almost like a family member. It has been included in many fun days and nights.

Dana Jackson
Adam DeRocco

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