Adyn P- Weldon Pond, Ontario

When I was young at Weldon Park I gazed upon the golden water cast by the sunlight.For hours and hours I sat by the water wishing that the sun would never set. It always felt like when I got there I had to go home, Even in the white cold afternoons of winter I still would go to this amazing place.

When I was young at Weldon Park I would come and go spying for fish in the water. I would see perch and bluegill and bass all ready to be grasped. I would grab my fishing rod and spend my days fishing to my heart's content. I cast out again and again with no end in sight.

When I was young at Weldon Park I would search for different animals and bugs and birds in the treetops above the lake. It was so beautiful, it almost looked like a dream.
When darkness rose upon the lake you would see the light from thousands of fireflies glowing through the night. I thought the show would never end.

When I was young at Weldon Park the days would feel so short you could count every minute and not get tired. But time after time, again and again I would have to leave but I was sure to come back, never forgetting the memory of this truly beautiful place filled with trees and fish and the chirping of birds.

Adam P

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