Athasbaca River, Alberta - Lorrill Waschuck

Lorrill Waschuck shares her watermark on the Athabasca River. Lorrill grew up living on the ocean but has since moved to the northern Alberta community of Athabasca. Here too, she has found a body of water. "I always knew that I wanted to live on water," says Lorrill, even as a little girl. She has fallen in love with the Athabasca River and, thinking about water and rivers more generally, she remarks that they are arteries of life not only throughout the landscape of Alberta, but through history too. "It's a life force, it gives birth to human potential."

Much has changed through time and Athabasca is no longer a centre for the fur trade, but it remains an artery all the same because "it supplies the water our the town".

When I come every morning and drive to work, I come down a big hill and I come into the town and I see the backdrop is this beautiful river. And in the morning the sun shimmers off the water and it reminds me of the beauty of nature."

Lorrill also enjoys the river as a place for recreation, often spending her time canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

Doug Copping
Lorrill Waschuck

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