Maligne River, Alberta - Carrie Steele

Carrie Steele shares her watermark on the Athabasca River. Carrie says she's lucky to be born in a society where there is water there whenever she needs it at the turn of a tap. Carrie recalls that the first time there wasn't any water when she needed it was on the Skyline Trail on top of a high ridge in the Rocky Mountains. They were far from any water source and had none left in their packs. After some time, luckily one of the experienced members of their hiking party thought to dig beneath a glacial snow pack. Sure enough, in the warm summer heat they discovered some cold refreshing meltwater. "I will never forget the taste of that water, it was such beautiful water... One because we were so thirsty and two because we had won it, we had earned it somehow... It was a good lesson and I've obviously never forgotten it and I hopefully never will."

Doug Copping
Carrie Steele