Chao Phraya River, Thailand - Alexis Morgan

My name is Alexis Morgan and I Am originally from Waterloo Ontario, but I now live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

There are many bodies of water that left an impression on my life. But the one that probably impacted me the most is the Chao Phraya River, which is the main body of water that runs through Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s important to me because when I was eight years old I travelled the world with my parents for a year. And at one point we were travelling through Bangkok by boat. I was kind of struck travelling through this delta-area.

I was watching kids swim in the water, upstream people were defecating in the water and upstream from that people were gathering drinking water. It kind of gave me this feeling of connection or realisation that there was a social justice issue. But more importantly, it left a mark on me as a child.

It made me realise that water is shared, and that it affects us all. And that what happens upstream affects what happens downstream, and that were all linked together. It has definitely played a huge part in shaping who I Am today.

Krystyn Tully
Alexis Morgan

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