Atlantic Ocean, USA - Julien Smit

My watermark is the Atlantic Ocean, particularly a small strip of beach near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This area is called “Hillsboro Beach”. It has fine sand and beautiful sights on the ocean. The reason that it is so important to me is because I have come to this same place since I was a little kid. Now, every year I go down with my family and we stay here. It is a beautiful place and I have developed some great memories here. It is the first place that I tried fishing in the ocean, the first place I swam in the ocean, and now it is where I will go to relax once a year.

I have spent plenty of time playing on the beach here as a kid and many of my family members have done the same. The water is absolutely beautiful and extremely clear. Every year around march there is a large shark migration past this beach. There are hundreds of thousands of sharks that swim past this beach every year.

There are many different environmental factors that appear at this beach. As said before there are thousands of sharks that swim by every year, as well as there are many different species of animals which call this area home. On top of this, this place is heavily influenced by hurricanes. The storm surge can cause the sand to be washed out and the beach lowers by almost 3 meters, making the beach significantly less accessible. The hurricanes also cause damage to all of the places along the beach. Hurricanes have become more frequent as a result of climate change. If we cannot stop or at least slow climate change there will be other places, much like this one, that will become less accessible to people.

Claire Lawson
Julien Smit


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