Weldon Lake, British Columbia - Andrew Stegemann

My name is Andrew Stegemann and I Am from Vancouver, British Columbia. The name of my waterbody is Weldon Lake which is just outside Wells, B.C. Many people actually know where Barkerville is because it’s a famous mining city.

My uncle use to work in Barkerville putting on performances. So i went up there to hang out with him for the summer, which was a really awesome time. I was about 8 years old when one evening my uncle took me and my brother out on a little raft onto Weldon Lake to watch the sunset.

We were fly fishing and I remember there was literally rainbow fish jumping all around us. And it was so beautiful to see in the sun, so eventually we started catching some fish. Usually as an eight year old fishing can be boring, but definitely not this time.

Krystyn Tully
Andrew Stegemann

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