Fraser Riverkeeper has been involved in 240 watermarks.
Fraser Riverkeeper is a registered Canadian charity, and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Fraser Riverkeeper is dedicated to the protection and restoration of the Fraser River and its watershed. Fraser Riverkeeper’s mission is to ensure all citizens can safely swim, drink, and fish in British Columbia waters.
St.Lawrence River, Ontario
Stephen Summer
Stanley Park, BC
Daniel Campbell
Stikine River, British Columbia
Gail Percy
Stikine River, British Columbia
Karen Mitchell
Strait of Juan de Fuca
Kiyomi Thompson
Summerland, BC
Henry Chin
Sunshine Coast, BC
Aitam Hartley
Surigao, Pacific Ocean
Lexie Mendaza
Sweetwater Lake
Audrey Wong-Frideau
Taurus Lake
Rob Feeny
Tennent Lake
Mike Knippel
The Southern Sea, China
Sophia Mok
Tofino, BC
Barb Racey
Tofino, BC
Tobias Fendrish
Toronto Harbour, Ontario
Jane Luker
Trout Lake, British Columbia
Larry Bolduc
Twin Lake, Iowa
Susan Markert
Pacific Ocean, BC
Graham M
Adriatic Sea
Emma McDonald
Vernon, BC
Walbran Creek, BC
Charly Caproff
Welland Canal, Ontario
Jennifer Chan
Whistler, BC
Wood Lake, Ontario
Murray McLauchlan