Ottawa Riverkeeper has been involved in 30 watermarks.
Ottawa Riverkeeper is a registered Canadian charity and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance that is dedicated to protecting the ottawa river and its tributaries. Ottawa Riverkeeper’s mission is to achieve a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Ottawa River by providing leadership and inspiring action to protect, promote and improve the river’s health and future.
Ardèche River, France
Adele Michon
Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia
Paula Archembeau
Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Amy Rawding
Bigwater Lake, Ontario
Amanda Masterson
Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick
Oliver Dumville
Gulf of Mexico, Florida
Emily Duncan
Lac Bang Bang, Quebec
Jeff Westindia
Lac Barnes, Quebec
Josh Finlayson
Lac Brian, Quebec
Sue Manwaring
Lac McPhee, Quebec
Tanya Leblanc
Lac Meech, Quebec
Rodney Welts
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Andy Maize
Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Cathy Emms
Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Robin Hutchison
Lake Temagami, Ontario
Kathleen Edwards
Mink Lake, Ontario
Emma Arsenault
Ottawa River, Ontario
Alana Couvrette
Ottawa River, Ontario
Autumn M
Ottawa River, Ontario
Eric Campbell
Ottawa River, Ontario
Marny Girard
Ottawa River, Ontario
Meaghan Kelly
Ottawa River, Ontario
Sahar Seif
Ottawa River, Ontario
Turkoize Lemay Dostie
Pigeon River, Ontario
Jamie Evans