Lake Ontario Waterkeeper has been involved in 834 watermarks.
Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a registered Canadian charity, and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper founded the Watermark project, Swim Guide, and The National Water Centre Project. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper helps communities prosper by creating swimmable, drinkable, and fishable waters and by ensuring people experience their water, are informed about the health of the water, and are engaged in decision-making.
Wadsworth Lake, Barry's Bay ON
Konrad Krol
Wahwashkesh Lake, Ontario
Taylor Maunder
Walchensee, Germany
Brigitte Kasberger
Washademoak Lake, New Brunswick
Alex Smith
Washademoak Lake, New Brunswick
Makayla Peacock
Weldon Lake, British Columbia
Andrew Stegemann
Welland Canal, Ontario
Edward Burtynsky
Welland Canal, Ontario
Madeline Leblanc
Welland River, Ontario
Paul Grenier
Wellers Bay, Ontario
Hanna Bushane
White Bear (Carlyle) Lake , Saskatchewan
Aleitha Ward
White Lake, Ontario
Matt Flowers
Whyte Lake, British Columbia
Dominique deGroot
Wilcox Lake, Ontario
Suresh Peiris
Williams River, Saskatchewan
Candace Wilson
Yellow River, China
Zedong Sun
Yellow Sea, China
Xijia Peng
Yukon River, Yukon
Joe Glynn