Hanse Group has been involved in 189 watermarks.
Based on the number of yachts sold throughout the world, HanseYachts AG is one of the two largest manufacturers of seagoing sailing yachts. HanseYachts AG is active all over the world in the field of sailing and motor yachts. Since the company was founded in 1990, HanseYachts AG achieved this outstanding position in the global water sports industry with entrepreneurial qualities and vision, a clear target group orientation, efficient production processes - and above all with excellent employees. All employees at HanseYachts AG, from the management board and yacht designers to engineers and installers on the production line, therefore have one thing in common: Passion for the sea.
Alta Lake, BC
Jim Lawson
North Atlantic Ocean
Lynda Beetham
Atlantic Ocean, Florida
Serafim Kotyarov
Baie Fine, Ontario
Bill Milne
Balsam Lake, Ontario
Dan Oswald
Bass Lake, Ontario
Mark Cairns
Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Eamonn Ryan
Bay of Quinte, Ontario
Pat Sturgeon
Bristol Lake, Ontario
Rob Pitcher
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Hailey Tripodi
Cameron Lake, Ontario
Brent Bochek
Catfish Creek, Ontario
Ron Evans
Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick
Jim Reagan
Chandos Lake, Ontario
Glenn Rogers
Charleston Lake, Ontario
Dan McGill
Charleston Lake, Ontario
Doug Byers
Cook's Bay, Ontario
Jennifer Button
Corner Brook
Debbie McGrory
Cranberry Lake, Timberlea, Nova Scotia
Tim Edwards
Credit River, Ontario
Lawrence Laamanen
Credit River, Ontario
Nadia Alick
Don River, Ontario
Maggie Celik
English Bay, British Columbia
Gordon Timmis
Four Mile Lake, Ontario
Chris Garrigan