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Every donation helps build the Watermark Project archive and collect new stories.

Donations of $20 or more qualify for a charitable receipt issued in the same amount.

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Sponsor a Watermark Collection

Help ensure the Watermark Project reflects the diversity of people's experiences by funding a new collection of stories from an organization, cause, or community that is close to your heart. You name your passion (e.g., "children," "the Far North") and we'll collect the stories. It costs us $500 to collect and publish 10 stories.

Bring Watermark Project to your organization or business

Want to collect your own Watermarks? We're looking for new Collectors. Your one-time registration fee covers the cost of training, support to create your first collection, technical assistance on-demand, access to resource and promotional materials, and a snazzy official "Collector" logo for your website. Once you have access to the system, you'll be able to add as many Collections and Watermarks as you'd like.
Need more information? We're happy to provide more details before you commit. Ask about breaks for nonprofits, community groups, students, etc. Email us your questions or comments.