International Joint Commission Great Lakes Project created 30 watermarks.
A Watermark Collection in collaboration with the International Joint Commission. The IJC is partnering with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper to gather and share a special Great Lakes Watermark collection. Your words, whether written, spoken or filmed, connect us with the personal, emotional and cultural ways that you use and value these precious bodies of water. The lakes’ beauty, immensity, a particularly beautiful beach or rock cove, a fun experience on or in the water – these memories are what connect us forever to the lakes. Twenty percent of the earth’s fresh surface water, just outside your door or down the street. Share your story today. For more information about the IJC, go to
Koshlong Lake, Ontario
Roberto Quinlan
Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec
Benoit Bouchard
Lake Erie, New York
Helen Domske
Lake Erie, New York
Jennifer Nalbone
Lake Erie, Ohio
Elizabeth Hinchey Malloy
Lake Erie, Ohio
Jill Bartolotta
Lake Erie, Ohio
Katherine O’Reilly
Lake Erie, Ontario
Carolyn Foley
Lake Erie, Ontario
Doug McTavish
Lake Erie, Ontario
Gordon Walker
Lake Erie, Ontario
Raj Bejankiwar
Lake Huron, Michigan
Dereth Glance
Lake Huron, Ontario
Michael Twiss
Lake Michigan, Illinois
Becky Pearson
Lake Michigan, Michigan
Henry Pollack
Lake Michigan, Michigan
Lana Pollack
Lake Michigan, Wisconsin
John Kennedy
Lake Nyos
Alfred Johnny Wüest
Lake Ontario, New York
David Klein
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Karen Chisholme
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Michael Gilbertson
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Peter Boyer
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Wendy Leger
Lake St. Clair, Michigan
Mark Breederland