Pan Am Ontario Celebration Zone (2015) created 32 watermarks.
Toronto hosted the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games and the Watermark Project was there. On July 20th and 21st we were part of Ontario's Celebration Zone, collecting Watermark stories. A guest artist helped animate people's Watermarks, creating a public mural displayed in the Celebration Zone.
Atlantic Ocean
Alysha D'Souza
Atlantic Ocean
Brittany Pilcher
Atlantic Ocean, Portugal
Anthony Bandeira
Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick
Lauren Williams
Credit River, Ontario
Diane Wrobel
Fishing Creek, PA
Hayley Coyne
Georgian Bay, Ontario
Marianne Bulger
Georgian Bay, Ontario
Nadia Pronych
Kahshe Lake, Ontario
Chris Tanaka-Mann
Kukagami Lake, Ontario
Lorrie Pella
Lac a Nymark
Sophonie Pierre Louise
Lac du Caribou, Quebec
Pierre Pommainville
Lake Huron, Ontario
Serena Ypelaow
Lake Joseph, Ontario
Nicole Leapar
Lake Massawippi, Quebec
Hugh Ritchie
Lake Michigan, Michigan
Mart Jalakas
Lake Muskoka, Ontario
Octavio Mundo
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Catherine Lv
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Danielle Bonilla
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Giselle Nguyen
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Lataya Smith
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Mina Stojanovic
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Moe Pesiana
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Norman Di Pasohale