Water Docs (2016) created 9 watermarks.
Water Docs is a documentary film festival about all things water, Water Docs presents features and shorts, discussions with special guests and filmmakers, and opportunities to take action to protect water. The festival informs, educates and activates about water and water issues. Waterkeeper attended the 2016 festival and collected Watermarks.
Battle River, Alberta
Danika Little Child
Gulf of Paria, Trinidad and Tobago
Tara Seucharan
Humber River, Ontario
Paul Baines
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Enid Theodora
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Shona Assang
Lake Ontario, Ontario
Valerie Davis-Kelly
Lake Temagami, Ontario
Delaney Greig
Miskwabi Lake, Ontario
Elaine Nicholson
Second Pond, Ontario
Merridy Cox Bradley